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Title: Ho'ohanohano ho'okolokolo: Test of Honor
Author: queenmidalah
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0/Black Jewels Fusion
Pairing(s): Danny/Rachel; Steve/Kono
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Language and a scene of violence
Word Count: 15,986
Summary: Danny Williams is a Sapphire-Jeweled Warlord Prince from Terreille who will do anything for his daughter, Grace, and her mother, Rachel. Rachel decides that the only way for her daughter to have any kind of future is to immigrate to Kaeleer and Danny follows them. Now he is in a territory where all the rules are different then those he grew up with-- and he must contend with Lucivar Yaslana's second-in-command; a Red-Jeweled Warlord Prince named Steve McGarrett.
Fanart/Fanmix: Fanart cover by: queenmidalah can be gotten here. :: Fanmix by not_from_stars can be found here.
Author's Notes: Thank you to the wonderful masteralida for beta-ing this for me. This story starts six months before "Queen of the Darkness". Written for au_bigbang

Part 1 :: Part 2 :: Part 3 :: Part 4 :: Part 5 :: Part 6


Daniel Williams stood close, but not too close, to Rachel and their daughter, Grace. Known as Danny to his family and friends, the Sapphire-Jeweled Warlord Prince wanted to bare his teeth to any man that came even remotely close to either of the females, but he refrained from doing so. He hoped beyond everything he was that he would be able to get a contract with the same person Rachel did.

He didn't blame her for wanting to leave Terreille behind. Rachel was a talented Healer from the Shalador reserves. He had rescued her from being attacked and raped by a group of Warlords, took her under his protection and soon fell in love with her as she had with him. He saw her through her Virgin Night and hadn't left her bed since. Grace was an extension of that love, but shortly after her birth almost seven years ago he started to notice that Rachel was growing restless and wary of him more and more. They had started to argue more and it had been leaving Danny very unsettled.

Finally, a few weeks ago, Rachel told Danny she was taking Grace to the service fair to immigrate to Kaeleer. He felt like she ripped his heart from his chest at those words. He made the decision then and there to follow Rachel wherever he had to so he could be with her and his daughter.

A murmur began to work through the crowd and Danny strained to see if he could detect where it was coming from. By pure instinct, he felt himself rising to the killing edge when he caught the psychic scent. Another Warlord Prince was nearby. The crowd parted and Danny felt his heart start to pound harder.

You heard things in Terreille that were hard to ignore, especially about people and reputations. There were two names that you heard of in Terreille, no matter what village or territory you were in, that could strike fear into your heart. Their reputations were legendary and not always in the best of ways. It wasn’t unusual to hear their names said separately nor was it unusual to hear of the danger they were together. But over the past few years, their names were rarely said anymore; but he remembered.

The Eyrien that walked nearby, that the crowd parted for, was vicious simply by race. The Eyriens were a warrior race by training and by birth. An Eyrien from the caste of Warlord Prince was an extremely dangerous predator. But this Eyrien... he was an entity unto himself.

He’s supposed to be dead... Danny thought to himself. However, the Ebon-gray jewel was in plain sight, laying against the golden skin of his chest. There was a ring on his right finger, but it didn’t look like the Ebon-gray or a Red, the man’s jewel of rank and birthright. Danny couldn’t tell what ring was on his right hand, but there was no mistaking what ring encircled his left hand. A gold wedding band.


There was something that was niggling at Lucivar Yaslana’s mind as he walked through the service fair, studying faces, seeing who would potentially fit in Kaeleer. Of course no matter who he chose, the final decision would be made by his Queen. Too much still weighed on him from the wrong choices he had made that cost two witches their lives and he would not make that same mistake twice if he could help it.

He felt another Warlord Prince very close. He never underestimated any Warlord Prince, regardless of the Jewels they wore. He knew that Warlord Princes were passionately violent and violently passionate just because of their natural instinct to protect and serve. Their Jewels simply amplified the natural predator within. However, he did know that this particular Warlord Prince posed no major threat Jewels-wise.

Turning a lazy glance in that direction, he easily saw the blond standing near a dark-haired beauty with a child. His eyes narrowed ever so slightly. There was fear there, but no fear from her or the girl of the man at their side. No, the fear came from somewhere else. His gaze flicked to their hands. No rings on the left, only their jeweled rings on the right. So not married, but definitely something, especially since he could smell similarities in the girl’s psychic scent to both adults. He let his senses open further and his eyebrow quirked ever so slightly when he realized. A little Queen. He had to wonder if her parents knew.

“Did you check the list?” a low voice said from Lucivar’s left. He turned his head to glance at the blond-haired, blue-eyed Warlord beside him. Morton, the Warlord of Glacia, and Khardeen, the Warlord of Scelt, had chosen to accompany him to the fair this time. Every time they came, they looked for a particular name in hopes of finally bringing home a certain Warlord Prince.

Daemon Sadi was a Black-Jeweled Warlord Prince and he was Lucivar’s brother. A part of the Queen’s triangle was empty, temporarily filled by Lucivar, himself, as the First Escort but they all knew the Consort was missing. Daemon was destined to fill that spot, but he’d yet come to the service fair to enter Kaeleer finally. Both Lucivar and their father, Saetan, were becoming increasingly worried that he never would.

“Prince?” Morton said, his voice growing concerned.

Finally, Lucivar shook his head, his gold eyes troubled. “I did, but he’s not there.”

“Damn,” Morton said, a sentiment that Lucivar silently agreed with. It tore them apart every time they had to tell Jaenelle that Daemon hadn’t shown up over the past five or so years since her memory of him returned and she mended his mind in the Abyss, then set up her Court. She would lock herself away in her room or garden for three days, or she would disappear to her cabin for those three days. It left every male of her Court heart-sore until she showed them she was okay. Deep down they knew she wouldn’t be, not until Daemon was with her in Kaeleer.

How long is that going to be, Bastard? Lucivar wondered silently. How long until you get your head out of your ass and get here?

“The bell is going to ring soon,” Khardeen said, walking over to the two men. “If decisions are going to be made, they need to be made now.”

“I--,” Lucivar started.

“Prince?” a trembling voice said. Lucivar fought back the anger that was rising from that small voice. It was instinctive for Blood males to respond to any sense of fear from a woman. Whether directly, or indirectly, focusing it on them.

Slowly he turned and saw the dark-haired beauty with the little Queen standing before him. The Warlord Prince wasn’t far behind, but kept a respectful distance. And gave himself enough room for a battle if needed without finding the woman and his child in the crossfire.

“Lady,” Lucivar said.

“I want to come to Kaeleer,” she said. “With my daughter.”

“As do I,” the man said immediately, though he stepped no closer. Lucivar’s gaze flicked to him, noting the protectiveness even from the distance between the man and the woman.

“Why?” Lucivar questioned them both.

“I’ve heard rumors... that life there is... more,” the woman said. “I want...” She bit her lip, glancing down at the top of her daughter’s head.

“You want more for your daughter,” Lucivar said. She simply nodded. He shifted his look to the man. “And you?”

“I go where they go.” Simple enough.

Lucivar glanced at Khardeen and Morton, both men giving nothing away in their faces. He looked back to the others.

“Very well,” he said. “You’ll both sign contracts with the Warlord Prince of Ebon Rih. But be aware, that final judgement is by the Queen. If she says you leave, nothing can be done to allow you to remain.”


Steve McGarrett let his legs stretch as he walked along the sidewalks through Riada. He always enjoyed being outside, which was why he had so readily taken up a post as the second-in-command to the Warlord Prince of Ebon Rih. Lucivar and Steve were much alike when it came to their view points and how they trained. He soon found himself close friends with other members of the Dark Court and with his role as Lucivar’s second, he was also asked to serve in the Second Circle of the Dark Court. A position he gladly accepted. Many had thought he simply wanted the prestige, but it gave him focus. A focus he hadn’t had since the death of his parents. He had finally managed to track down the bastards responsible for leaving both he and his sister without their parents, but his revenge on them had been bittersweet. It hadn’t taken away much of the pain and rage that had lingered from their deaths.

That rage almost got him killed by Lucivar, until the Lady had stepped in. He was dragged to SaDiablo Hall, where the Lady resided and was told to remain a few days. His sister had been gathered as well and soon both had been enveloped by the Lady’s dark power and the wound on their souls had been lanced and cleansed.

Mary was now residing in Scelt, working for Lady Morghann as a seamstress. She had gained quite a name for herself after she had made the young queen’s wedding dress for her marriage to her Consort, Khardeen. She wrote Steve often and since he sometimes found himself in Scelt on behalf of the Dark Court, he got to see her as much as he liked. He was suddenly pulled out of his musings when he heard a sharp whistle.

Steve shifted his gaze and saw Chin Ho and his cousin, Kono, making their way up the path to the Tavern as graceful as the Dea al Mon that walked with them. The Warlord Prince of Dea al Mon, Chaosti, who was also the Consort, and husband, to the Dea al Mon Queen. Chin and Kono came from the Dea al Mon, but their coloring was darker. Instead of having the silvery-blonde locks and blue eyes most of their race had, their hair was almost as coal black as the Dhemlan, Hayllian or Eyrien races. Unlike those races, their eyes were dark instead of gold.

Many generations ago, a race of people very similar to the Dea al Mon had resided in Terreille. As the taint grew stronger, their race was slowly being eliminated and brought to extinction. The Elders refused to allow their race to be wiped out entirely and managed to immigrate to Kaeleer before it happened. Noting the similarities, they were taken in by the Dea al Mon. At first they resided closer to the few mountains near the edges of Dea al Mon's borders to Askavi, but soon they began enmeshing themselves more and more with their adopted race. Their darker looks continued to hold dominant so far with each generation, but all now had the delicately pointed ears and larger than normal eyes of their fairer complected cousins.

"Prince," Chaosti said, bowing to Steve only slightly, showing respect to their caste but not deferring to a weaker Jeweled male.

"Princes, Lady," Steve said, bowing to the group. "Prince Yaslana hasn't returned yet."

"He's at the Hall with the Lady," Chaosti said. The Lady referred to only one person in Kaeleer. Jaenelle Angelline. The Queen of Ebon Askavi. Dreams Made Flesh. Witch.

"Did something go wrong at the service fair?" Steve was immediately alert. He hated the twice-yearly fair held in Little Terreille's capital, Goth, but understood that sometimes it was a necessity in order to save those who no longer belonged in Terreille. And that Yaslana was looking, waiting for someone in particular to be on those lists.

"Not really," Chin said. "But it was not as satisfactory as the Prince had hoped." Which meant that the person Lucivar was looking for had not been there.

"Lucivar wanted me to pass on a message since I was traveling with my cousins," Chaosti said. "He'll be unavailable the remainder of the day before staying at the Hall for a few days to sort things out with the new immigrants. He wants you to ensure nothing needs taken care of here before meeting him at the Hall."

Steve nodded. "Of course," he said. "I'll check in with everyone and pack a bag."

"Good," Chaosti said. He turned to Kono and leaned in to press a kiss to her cheek before addressing Steve again. "I'll make sure that Helene knows you are all coming and to have your rooms readied."

"Thank you, Chaosti," Steve said, falling on informality now that the formal messages had been passed. "Do you have time to have a drink at the Tavern?"

Chaosti shook his head. "Unfortunately, no," he said. "I'm just here to deliver my messages. I must return to Dea al Mon. I will see you in a couple days at the Hall after Gabrielle and I arrive."

Saying nothing, Steve simply bowed to Chaosti, a courtesy that was returned before the Dea al Mon male turned and walked a few yards away where he could catch the Winds to take him to his home territory.

Turning to look at Chin and Kono, Steve gave them a smile. "Do you both have time for a drink before I get to work and we head to the Hall?"

“We’d be honored,” Chin said. Steve inclined his head and offered his left hand to Kono, smiling softly as the Black Widow placed her hand on top of his.

*Prince, when are you going to officially stake a claim?* Chin asked on a spear thread, amusement lacing his tone.

Steve flicked a glance to Chin before responding, ensuring that their spear thread was very tight as he answered. *Your cousin is a talented Black Widow who is training with the Lady and her Coven. What right do I have to even think of making a claim?*

*As if you truly need to ask that,* Chin said.

*I’m not Dea al Mon,* Steve pointed out.

*No, at least not by lineage,* Chin said. There was a mild cryptic-ness to his tone that had Steve glancing at him curiously. Obviously not intending to elaborate further, Steve focused on leading the cousins into the Tavern for lunch before heading to the Hall.

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