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Title: Ho'ohanohano ho'okolokolo: Test of Honor
Author: queenmidalah
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0/Black Jewels Fusion
Pairing(s): Danny/Rachel; Steve/Kono
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Language and a scene of violence
Word Count: 15,986
Summary: Danny Williams is a Sapphire-Jeweled Warlord Prince from Terreille who will do anything for his daughter, Grace, and her mother, Rachel. Rachel decides that the only way for her daughter to have any kind of future is to immigrate to Kaeleer and Danny follows them. Now he is in a territory where all the rules are different then those he grew up with-- and he must contend with Lucivar Yaslana's second-in-command; a Red-Jeweled Warlord Prince named Steve McGarrett.
Fanart/Fanmix: Fanart cover by: queenmidalah can be gotten here. :: Fanmix by not_from_stars can be found here.
Author's Notes: Thank you to the wonderful masteralida for beta-ing this for me. This story starts six months before "Queen of the Darkness". Written for au_bigbang

Part 1 :: Part 2 :: Part 3 :: Part 4 :: Part 5 :: Part 6


It took every ounce of strength that Danny had to not groan as he walked alongside Steve as they began their morning sentry duties the next day. He glanced sideways at the man, noting that he didn’t seem at all phased by the workout they had endured just a couple hours ago. No wonder he got along with Yaslana so well.

“So tell me something,” he said, breaking the silence. “Because I really want to, you know, not have my throat ripped out.” Steve smirked, having an idea where this was leading. “But why does Yaslana insist on the women joining us? Rachel looked ready to bolt.”

“Probably because she was,” Steve said. “And that’s the gut instinct most of the females have the first time they are at morning workouts.”

“That doesn’t answer the question, though,” Danny said.

“Lucivar’s insistent about the women knowing at least basic self-defense,” Steve explained. “He’s of the opinion that just because a woman has breasts instead of a cock, it doesn’t mean they are weaker then us. Males are physically stronger, but a woman provoked is a helluva lot more vicious then any male could hope to be. Lucivar figures that a woman, properly trained, can at least hold off even the strongest of Eyrien males until a male she trusts can get to them to handle the situation.”

“And if a male can’t get to them?” Danny asked quietly.

“In a situation like that, the female is dead regardless,” Steve admitted just as quietly. A dark smirk quirked the corner of his mouth. “But at least she’ll take a good chunk of flesh out of the bastard before she goes down.”

“So Yaslana would rather a woman go down fighting if she’s going to go down at all?” Danny asked.

“Yes,” Steve said. “A mother, by pure nature of protecting her offspring, will fight. Trained or not trained. She’ll go down in an effort to see that her child can escape if it’s possible. A young woman without a child or barely at the cusp of womanhood won’t have those instincts. So it has to be trained into them.”

“How does the High Lord feel about that kind of attitude?” Danny had to ask.

“The High Lord is behind Lucivar’s viewpoint all the way, especially as the Steward. And the Master of the Guard is right there as well,” Steve said. “Even more because the Queen also insists.”

“After seeing them go at it, I can understand why,” Danny admitted grudgingly. Everyone in Terreille knew of the reputation Lucivar Yaslana had gained as a warrior. Even after he had become a pleasure slave, few would truly provoke Yaslana into an all out physical altercation. He had seen that reputation reinforced that morning as he saw him spar with the other males. To then see a woman as slight as Jaenelle Angelline go up against the Eyrien Warlord Prince and make him *work* for every move he made in challenge was damned humbling.

“Lady Angelline is unique, that much is very true,” Steve said. “But even Lucivar’s wife is pretty skilled.”

Danny had to blink. He had seen the lovely Eyrien when she joined the women, even saw her briefly working with Rachel. He knew how ingrained it was in an Eyrien female’s mind that the men were the warriors. She was even skilled?

“How skilled?” he asked cautiously.

“She carries a modified hunting knife now,” Steve said. “Which she can call in and use with deadly precision if needed. Her first weapon was a skillet, however.”

Danny stopped dead in his tracks. He stared at Steve, an eyebrow inching towards his hairline. “A... skillet?”

Steve stopped and turned. “Yes.”

Danny watched him a moment before laughing slightly and lifting his finger to point at the man. “Funny,” he said. “You actually had me going there.” He turned and started down the path, pausing when Steve spoke.

“I wouldn’t find it too amusing if it wasn’t for the fact that she can break bone nine times out of ten when using that thing.”

Danny very slowly turned and studied the other Warlord Prince. He was waiting for a punchline; for Steve to suddenly start laughing. He was difficult to read, but Danny was pretty sure that he was being completely serious.

“Seriously?” Danny asked.

“Marian is a hearth witch,” Steve said. “It made sense for Lucivar to teach her how to use the very tools she is most comfortable with as weapons.”

“But you said she carries a hunting knife now,” Danny said.

“Yes,” Steve said. “Only because it has a sheath for when it’s not in use. But the weight and design is very similar to that of a standard kitchen knife that Marian is used to using while cooking.”

“How... did she react when Yaslana told her she was going to learn how to fight?” Danny asked.

“I wasn’t here when it happened, but from what I have been told, if she could have caved Lucivar’s skull in with the skillet, she would have,” Steve said. Danny studied the man a moment. There was obvious affection in his tone for the Eyrien woman, amusement as well. Was this what life was going to be like here? Was this the life his daughter would grow up with? Strong males to protect her, strong females to help her grow and learning to fight as physically well as he could, but still being the very life of the men around her? He felt suddenly swamped with emotions that he couldn’t vocalize.

“So... protocol in Kaeleer...” Danny said, shifting the conversation back to something that wouldn’t fray his emotions. At least the emotions that would turn him into a wibbling mess. It was very possible that his anger and frustration were destined to fray otherwise.

“Protocol in Kaeleer is very different from whatever is taught in Terreille,” Steve said, falling into step with Danny again. “It’s been twisted and manipulated so that tainted females, like Dorothea SaDiablo, can mold her pet witches and her males into a bloated, mutated version of who the Blood truly are.”

“What about men like Yaslana and myself? We grew up in Terreille?” Danny asked.

“You are one of the few males who, obviously, still believe in what the Blood are supposed to be,” Steve said. “Lucivar was around his father enough as a child to have the male’s code of honor instilled in him so that even when he was thrust into the twisted games of the Terreillean courts, he remained who he was.”

“I thought...” Danny started, frowning a bit.

“That he was a bastard?” Steve asked. After Danny nodded, he continued. “I don’t know all the details, but from what I understand that while Prythian claimed him and denied paternity, the same time as his brother with Dorothea, both Sadi and Yaslana were registered at the Keep.”

“Oh...” That put a few spin on things, even his perspective and fears.

“You met the High Lord, didn’t that clue you in?” Steve had to ask.

“So much hinges on the Birthright ceremony though,” Danny said. “And Yaslana doesn’t seem the type to just let something go, so if he had the chance to find out who his father was...”

“I’ll give you that,” Steve said. “But if the High Lord was denied paternity, by Blood right he would continue to do so.”

“Obviously he’s not holding to Blood right,” Danny pointed out.

“Oh he did. He had to,” Steve said. “Lucivar is over 1700 years old. And wasn’t reunited with his father until almost 8 years ago.”


“Yeah,” Steve said as they approached a nearby bridge. Steve’s mouth curved upwards at the corner as they got closer and he took note of the lovely dark-haired woman that was walking towards them.

“Good morning, Prince McGarrett,” she said, hooking her dark hair behind her ears. Danny noticed how they came to a gentle point, much like the Dea al Mon he had met earlier that day at the workout session.

“Lady Lauraelle,” Steve said, bowing slightly to her. “This is Prince Daniel Williams. He has a contract with Prince Yaslana.” Danny bowed to her.

“From Terreille, I take it?” Lauraelle questioned.

“Yes,” Danny said. His voice was tight, wondering if this woman was condemning him before even getting to know him. He forced himself to not flush with embarrassment as he saw her eyebrow inch towards her dark hairline and also noted the too-knowing look that Steve was now giving him.

“Welcome to Kaeleer,” Lauraelle finally said.

“Thanks,” Danny murmured. He wanted to find the words to apologize for his rather cool response, but didn’t even know where to begin.

“Lauraelle is from the Dea la Mon, in fact the same village as Lady Kono and Prince Chin Ho,” Steve explained. “But she’s also a liasion with the Dark Council in Little Terreille.”

Lauraelle had to laugh lightly at the look on Danny’s face. “You are welcome to give me your condolences now rather than later,” she quipped. “It’s not always the easiest of tasks, but I like to think I am a good go-between for my Queen.”

Danny coughed a little, shifting where he stood. “I uh... didn’t mean to...”

“No, don’t apologize,” she said, giving him a reassuring smile. “It’s no secret that there is no love lost, for the most part, between the Dark Council and the rest of the Realm. Especially those associated with the Dark Court.”

“Are things that bad?” Danny had to ask.

“Let’s just say that there are a number of Terreilleans that couldn’t, or wouldn’t, learn to adjust to life in Kaeleer. The things that were okay there in many cases are *not* okay here,” Lauraelle said.

“Like what?” Danny asked. “I mean...” He waved his hand a little. “Beyond some pretty obvious things. I get the give and take here between males and females is vastly different then Terreille, but...?”

Lauraelle and Steve exchanged a look before she inclined her head, silently telling Steve to explain. Steve turned and took a moment to gather his thoughts.

“Okay... well perfect example,” he said. “A few years back, a Queen that acquired a taste for being cruel tried to force twelve men to serve her, since none would do so willingly. She had gained eleven lighter-Jeweled males, forcing them to wear a Ring of Obedience. When confronted by a Warlord Prince who was looking for his cousin, she tried to force him to submit to her. He killed her.”

Danny blinked. He took a moment to process that information and, licking his lips, he spoke. “Now... I know that generally there is no law against murder, but he killed a Queen. Was he killed, too?”

“Of course not,” Lauraelle said. “Some were of the mind that he should have restrained her and turned her over to the then ruling Queen of Nharkhava, but the bitch was dumb enough to provoke a Warlord Prince to the killing edge. It was no wonder she ended up dead.”

Danny’s hand came up to pinch at the skin on the bridge of his nose. He could already feel a headache forming. “So... a Warlord Prince kills a Queen and nothing happens to him?”

“Had he killed her simply for sport, or broken her, every male from the surrounding territories would have tracked him down and eliminated him along with those males in the Nharkhava Queen’s Court,” Steve explained. “But since she had forced eleven other males to submit, tried to make *him* submit by using a device not allowed in Kaeleer... it was a justifiable punishment in the end.”

*Mother Night, Mother Night...*

“Okay...,” Danny said. “We definitely need to go over protocol. And by the way, I get the whole he was provoked to the killing edge... but why didn’t Yaslana or Lady Angelline handle it?”

“It happened before Lucivar was even in Kaeleer and well before the Lady set up her court,” Steve said. “So neither had jurisdiction, you would say. Not even the High Lord did. It was in the hands of the Nharkhavan Queen and her Court.”

“Then why does she now? I mean... I get the impression she did anyways,” Danny asked.

“When Lady Angelline set up her Court at Ebon Askavi, the other territory Queens, which make up her Coven and First Circle, yielded to her,” Steve explained. “They still rule and Jaenelle never really interferes, unless she needs to.”

“And if she does?” Danny asked warily. “Like if they are being attacked?”

Steve and Lauraelle exchanged a look. It was Lauraelle who spoke. “Then the entirety of the Dark Court will come crashing down onto the attackers. Among them would be Witch.”


There were times when things said would stick in Danny’s head. Despite the months that had passed since Danny had come to Kaeleer, he clearly remembered the day when Steve and Lauraelle had told him just who Jaenelle Angelline was. During those first few weeks, he had been very wary of her. Until he had his ass handed to him by both Steve and Lucivar for being too wary and causing it to let his guard down.

Since then, he gave her a healthy dose of respect but he had started to feel much more easy in her presence. Especially after discovering that his own little girl was a Queen. How had he never noticed that little fact? She certainly had a Queen’s disposition and already some of the little boys she met were drawn to her like moths to a flame. That had set him on edge some, but Jaenelle had been the one to explain that it was natural. She, herself, had started building her Court at the age of 5 without even realizing. And was just a mere seven years-old, about the age Grace was now, when she met Yaslana and the High Lord.

Danny was grateful when Jaenelle had taken his young daughter under her wing to start her training. At first.

Oh he was still grateful, he knew she would learn the proper ways of the Blood and it would make her a strong, good Queen. But the pure power his daughter was surrounded with day in and day out, not only by the Queen of Ebon Askavi but the Queens of her coven, scared the shit out of Danny just on their quiet days.

Today? The only thing keeping him upright as suppressed female rage rolled over him was his own caste and his Jewels. It would not do to be known as the only Sapphire-Jeweled Warlord Prince to faint because of the rage Queens exhibited. Though he had to admit that he found it slightly comforting to see that even men like the High Lord and Yaslana were pale and shaky in the face of those women.

*Never mind the fact that you are surrounded by the darkest Queens you’ve ever heard of, one of whom is Witch.* Danny mentally told his sub-conscious to shut up and focus on the task at hand.

“Report, Prince,” Jaenelle said in that damnable midnight voice that always made Danny feel like he was going to piss his pants. Thankfully *he* was not the Warlord Prince she was demanding a report from. Though he didn’t envy Chin Ho right now...

“Lady Lauraelle was found near the edge of the border between Little Terreille and Dhemlan,” Chin said. “She was dead.”

“A full kill?” Gabrielle asked.

“Yes, Lady. There wasn’t a whisper of her remaining,” Chin said, sorrow filling his voice at the loss. Danny quickly shifted his mind to a memory of Steve ribbing the Dea al Mon when he had begun to court the lovely woman shortly after Danny had come to Kaeleer with Rachel. Now any future was washed away forever.

“What did you find at the scene?” Jaenelle asked, bringing Danny’s thoughts back to the present.

Chin didn’t even try to cover the shudder that ran through him. He closed his eyes briefly to regain himself before speaking. “All but her face had been burned almost to ash. Her Jewels were nothing and surrounded by melted gold.”

Meaning that whoever had killed her wanted them to know who the victim was.

“What else?” Jaenelle asked too quietly.

Chin’s gaze flickered to where Steve stood, causing the other Warlord Prince to straighten. Danny knew that Steve disliked that gaze as much as Danny himself did. Despite their ribbing and arguments; they had come to be friends and Danny trusted Steve with his daughter and Rachel’s lives.

“There were signs that Prince McGarrett was responsible,” Chin finally said.

Various voices rose around the room, degrees of outrage pouring from some of the women and all of the men. Jaenelle simply lifted her hand.

“You question the signs,” was all she said.

“Of course I que--,” Chin started to say, his own outrage showing. His words cut off when he looked into Jaenelle’s sapphire gaze. He straightened himself, evening his tone.

“Yes, Lady, I question the signs,” he finally said.

“Why?” Saetan questioned.

“They were too perfect,” Chin said. “The kill was too perfect, sending a message. The associating signs to Prince McGarrett were too precise. Too... right.”

“Too perfect,” Chaosti said.

“Too perfect,” Chin confirmed. “We all know Steve. We all know what he is and is not capable of. That makes it easy for us to say this was impossible for him to do. But even those who don’t know him as we do... they would even question what I found. It’s obvious that someone is trying to blame McGarrett for this.”

“But why?” Danny had to ask. “There is no law against murder...”

“No, there isn’t,” Jaenelle says. “But it would bring suspicion and wariness upon him. Any other Court would immediately suspect that Prince McGarrett could not be trusted and when the time came, and it will, for the strike to come at him directly, that suspicion and wariness would cause just enough hesitation to be the end.”

“But this Court?” Danny was certain he knew the answer, but he needed to hear it.

“This Court will defend one of its own until the end,” Lucivar said. “Which means we have some investigating to do.”

“So what’s the next step?” Danny asked.

“We hunt.”

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