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[X-MEN FIC] Only His Touch-Logan/Marie- NC-17- Part 6

Title: Only His Touch
Author: Jourdana Standish/queenmidalah
Artist: aphrodite_mine
Verse: AU after the events of X3
Word Count: 16,236
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Wolverine/Rogue
Warnings Explicit sexual content
Summary: Marie was adjusting just fine after she decided not to take the cure after all. Life began to move on, even when Xavier, Jean and Scott were discovered to be alive. Logan still stuck around, helping out at the school and with the X-Men. A freak accident during a mission should have been the death of either of them; Logan from her mutation, or Marie from falling to her death. Fate intervened and both survived. Now, Logan is the only person, mutant or not, who can touch Marie without any issues. But it does cause some issues. Marie is still in love with Logan. Tired of her avoidance, Logan forces her to face him and it leads to a night of passion. Now Logan has left, and Marie finds herself facing something she never thought would happen. She's having Logan's child.


Marie broke off from the rest of the party to sit down and put her legs up. She had to admit she did need some breathing room. She loved her friends and their insistence on the baby shower, though some of the male friends probably would have preferred if the baby shower hadn’t been co-ed, but Logan had looked grateful that it was.

True to his word, Logan had been doing everything he could to prove his feelings to Marie. He still was gruff and unpolished with everyone, even borderline hostile with Scott as per usual, but his eye never strayed to another woman. He had been to every baby appointment with Hank and Jean alongside Marie. She could have even swore she saw tears starting to form in his eyes during one of the ultrasounds and he saw the baby for the first time. Marie had insisted she wanted to be surprised when the baby was born to know if it was a boy or girl, a feat that annoyed Jubilee and Kitty to no end as they planned the shower, but Logan was positive they were having a girl.

“How you doin’, Mama?” Jubilee cut into Marie’s musings. She looked up to see both Jubilee and Kitty standing there.

“Good,” Marie said, smiling. “Thank you both so much for all of this!”

“Mind if we sit?” Kitty asked. Once Marie nodded, the two women settled on either side of their friend. Jubilee reached over and rubbed Marie’s belly.

“How’s baby Wolvie doing?” she asked.

“I swear, Logan gives you such a stink eye when you call the baby that,” Marie said, laughing as the baby shifted beneath Jubilee’s hand.

“He can deal,” Jubilee said, grinning. “Though I have to admit, he’s damn cute with you and the baby.”

“He told me he loved me,” Marie said, her voice soft.

Kitty made a slight squeak, her eyes lighting up. “When?!”

“Back when he got back,” Marie admitted.

“Girl, that was over a month ago!” Jubilee exclaimed. “You’ve been keeping that to yourself since then?!”

“I needed to make sure, you know,” Marie said. “I’ve given him so many chances before, but this time it isn’t just about me.”

“That’s pretty understandable, actually,” Kitty said, earning a reproachful look from Jubilee. “But it is!”

“That man is walking sex and laying his heart out for you,” Jubilee said. “That gives him some credit!”

Kitty rolled her eyes as Marie shook her head. “But it can’t be the only thing,” Marie said.

“You said the sex was amazing,” Jubilee said. “Though it took forever to get even that out of you.”

“Relationships are not solely based on sex, Jubes,” Kitty said. The other girl arched a skeptical eyebrow, causing Kitty to shake her head. “Normal relationships aren’t. Yours are, but we know you aren’t normal.”

Marie laughed as Jubilee stuck her tongue out at Kitty. The women paused when they heard Bobby call Kitty’s name. She gave a slight wave, glancing at Marie. When she gave a small nod, Kitty rose to walk over to her husband, leaving Jubilee and Marie alone. Jubilee looked at her friend, nudging her gently.

“I’m sorry if I offended,” she said softly. “I mostly tease about the sex thing, but I know you love him too.”

Marie looked at Jubilee, smiling slightly. She leaned her head on her friend’s shoulder. “It’s okay,” she said. “If he and I were... normal, I suppose the teasing would be normal too.”

“Mama, you two would never be normal even if there wasn’t the mutation thing,” Jubilee quipped. “But you two obviously have something special. And I do see him trying to show you how much he cares.”

“He shouldn’t have to try,” Marie said, lifting her head.

“No, but under normal circumstances, if he hadn’t screwed up, he wouldn’t need to try either. It would just be there,” Jubilee said. “The try comes from having to prove he means what he says and feels.”

Marie frowned a little then looked at Jubilee. “You’re on his side... aren’t you?”

“No... well yes... no...” Jubilee sighed. “When he first came back, I was on your side. But now... there aren’t sides to take.” She reached for Marie’s gloved hand and squeezed her fingers gently. “You are one of my best friends, that is never going to change. However, as much as Scott and Jean think you need to kick him to the curb, Logan has been nothing but there for you and the baby since he got back. I think he would have been there even if there was no baby. He came back for you.”

“You can’t--” Marie started.

“Yes, I can know that,” Jubilee interrupted. “Rogue, Logan didn’t come back for any other reason than he missed you and realized he screwed up. Big time. I think he was grateful when he saw you were pregnant because it meant a greater chance you’d at least talk to him, if only for the baby.”

Marie’s gaze shifted from Jubilee to look around the room. Her eyes immediately searched for Logan and found him standing, alone, near a table that held many of the gifts that she had received for the baby. He looked lonely, no one approaching him, yet he remained. He wasn’t holding any liquor in his hand, but he was holding a small, pink bunny that had come with one of the gifts. Occasionally his gaze was drawn down to it, a soft smile tugging at corner of his lips as he let his fingers trail through the soft fur. Big, strong Logan was holding a pink bunny, stroking its fur. The sight broke Marie’s heart. She was doing this to him. They were all doing this to him. They weren’t giving him a full chance to make up for what he’d done, but she was the worst of all. Logan was bending over backwards to show Marie how he felt, never giving up, never flinching- yet she couldn’t seem to find it within to let go.

*Maybe you already have.* She tore her gaze away from Logan to seek out where Charles sat near Ororo. The older man that had done so much for her, one she viewed like a father now, gave her a soft smile. It was his voice in her head, something unusual for him. She couldn’t be angry, knowing that he would never do it to hurt her but simply give her the gentle reminder that she had let go and already made up her mind where Logan was concerned. All she had to do was take the next step.


Logan stripped out of his clothes once he got to his room, turning to head into the bathroom. He had been taking a lot of cold showers ever since returning. He never thought he would ever find something like pregnancy sexy by any stretch of the imagination, yet every time he saw Marie he had an immediate hard-on. Problem was, she didn’t seem at all interested, so it had been a bit easier to reign in his overzealous libido. Today, however, had shattered any control he had. He made sure to keep his distance when he could. Seeing her in a cute little sundress that exposed long, tanned legs had surprised him because of her mutation. As soon as he stepped under the spray of water, his hand found his erection and began to stroke. This had become common place for him since returning, but it was his own damn fault that he was using his own hand to bring him off instead of sliding into Marie’s warm depths whenever he wanted because he had acted like an ass.

“Marie,” he murmured as he continued to move his hand up and down his length, imagining her walking into his room in that little dress, her belly all swollen and ripe with his seed. He imagined sinking to the ground in front of her, almost worshipping at her feet, before his head disappeared beneath the material. He didn’t know why, but the majority of his daydreams ended up like this. His head buried between her thighs, inhaling her scent, lapping up her sweet nectar. If she wasn’t fully pregnant, she was nursing their child.

This particular daydream had him burying his mouth against her, his hands holding her hips to keep her upright. His tongue moved faster, darting out to taste her in time with his hand around his cock. He squeezed his cock, groaning at the pressure and the impending climax ready to snap as he dreamt of pulling Marie’s clit into his mouth and suckling. Hearing her in his mind release a soft, hoarse cry of pleasure sent him over the edge in reality. Immediately, he turned the shower on as cold as he possibly could. He quickly soaped up his body and rinsed off before turning the water off and grabbing a towel. He was just slinging it around his waist when he heard movement in his bedroom. Shifting his head, he inhaled and his eyebrow arched sharply. He willed his body not to physically react when he caught Marie’s scent.

“I... didn’t realize you were...” Marie’s cheeks fused with a rosy tinge as Logan stepped out of the bathroom in just the towel. His hair was mussed and wet, even as he slid his fingers through to try and tame the dark locks as best as he could. He felt male pride swelling as he saw Marie’s lingering gaze sweep over him, his chest still damp from his shower. *Right, that’s not your pride swelling, bub.* He did everything he could to ignore his own internal voice.

“Everything okay?” Logan asked. His eyes moved to her belly. “The baby...”

“Oh!” Marie said. “No, the baby is fine. I’m fine... I... I should...” She pointed behind her to the door. “I should go. Let you dress...”

“Nothing you haven’t seen or felt before,” he said before he could stop himself. Marie’s hand dropped and he couldn’t read the expression on her face. He closed his eyes, cursing himself. One step forward, two steps back. That was Logan’s life.

“Sorry,” he said. “That was... I...” Why did this woman seem to trip up his tongue? And not in the way he wanted her to; with it buried deep inside of her body as she clamped his head to her and screamed his name. *Dammit, stop going there!*

“I came to apologize,” Marie interrupted before Logan’s mouth or head could get him into further trouble.

“I... what?” Logan said, blinking.

“I came to apologize,” Marie repeated. “I’ve not been fair to you and I’m sorry for that.”

“I... don’t understand,” Logan said, frowning. Marie’s fingers fidgeted with her sundress and damn if the fabric wasn’t creeping further up her thighs. Logan was having issues remaining focused on her face.

“You have been showing me how you feel and being there for the baby and I,” she said. “And all I’ve done is keep you at arm’s length, keep you from being able to make amends with others because they are taking cues from me and...”

“I don’t care what others think, only you,” Logan murmured.

“And it’s not fair,” Marie continued over his murmuring. Her slender fingers continued to shift the fabric of her sundress. “I just want...”

“Marie, if you fidget with your dress anymore, my control is going to snap,” Logan interrupted. “I am trying to listen to what you are saying, but all I can focus on right now is that short little dress riding up your thighs and it makes me want to do nothing more than lay you out, strip it off, worship your belly where our child is before burying my mouth against you.”

Marie’s eyes widened and her mouth fell open. Gods above, did she not know what that did to him too? Because now he had visions of her sitting comfortably on the bed to ease the baby weight on her back and him standing beside her as she sucked his cock. Was there nothing this woman could do that didn’t send him spiraling down into some erotic thought of what he wanted to do to her or have her do to him?

“Sorry,” Logan said again. “I’m trying. I am...” He swallowed, his throat working beneath the skin. “I love you, Marie. I told you that. I am trying my damndest to give you what you need without relegating it to nothing but sex, but you came in here just after I jerked myself off to a daydream much like this where I was on my knees in front of you, fucking you with my tongue ‘til you screamed in pleasure. Now all I want to do is bury my cock inside of you and it makes me nothing more than a pervert because you are less than a month from giving birth to our child and...”

“I love you, Logan,” Marie interrupted.

“I just-- what?” Logan was not expecting that little confession.

Marie began walking towards him. He took a single step back, which caused her to hesitate briefly before moving towards him. Did she not realize the affect she had on him? He was surprised that his cock wasn’t playing peek-a-boo from behind the towel right now. His heart was pounding faster than he thought was even possible as she reached up and brushed her fingers along his cheek, trailing down to rest against his chest. He saw her quirk a smile as she felt the cadence of his heart beneath her palm.

“I love you,” Marie said again. “I have for a long time, but after you left... I was shattered, Logan. I didn’t know where to even begin picking up the pieces of my broken heart. Finding out I was pregnant... it was the scariest thing I ever faced, but it gave me focus. I figured if I couldn’t have you in my life, I would have a part of you with this baby.”

“And... now?” Logan asked, his voice small but a little hopeful. He only hoped that it wasn’t in vain. Yes, she said she loved him but it didn’t necessarily mean that she was interested in being with him outside of co-parenting.

Marie gave him a shy smile, but her fingers hooked into the towel at his waist, pulling the material away.

“You’re stuck with me,” she said. “So get used to--.”

He didn’t give her the time to finish what she was saying. Between her physical actions and her first few words, Logan didn’t need to hear anything else. He lowered his head and caught her mouth in a kiss, immediately seeking entry to her mouth with his tongue. The moment her tongue touched his, he pulled her as close as her belly would allow. His fingers curled into the material of her dress and began to pull it up, exposing her skin.

Marie broke the kiss, gasping when his fingers brushed the skin of her hips as he pulled the dress upward. She lifted her arms as he hurriedly divested her of the garment, tossing it aside. He started to kneel, but Marie stopped him. He gave her a curious look, especially when her cheeks brightened with a deeper blush.

“No teasing,” she got out, breathless. “It’s been too long since I’ve had you inside of me. My fingers don’t do you justice.”

“I don’t want to hurt you or the baby,” he said quietly, but he straightened. He rested his hand against her naked belly, smiling as he felt the baby shift.

“Slow,” Marie said. “And I read that the best way, sometimes, is for the woman to be on top.” She blushed even more when Logan arched a brow in curiosity. “It was in some of the books I read and some of the...”

That damn eyebrow arched even more, which only made Marie’s blush get darker. “As much as I was fighting against what I wanted, I hoped we’d be together again...”

“C’mon,” Logan said gently. He took Marie’s hand and pulled her over to the large love seat in his room. He sat down, his cock rigid and laying against his thigh just waiting to be claimed. Marie felt relief that he didn’t question her further on what she’d read.

Before Marie could straddle his lap, Logan’s hands surrounded her hips and he pressed his lips to her belly. Tears sparked her eyes as his lips lingered. She could see his eyes were closed and felt her heart jump when she saw a tear escape to slide down his cheek. She’d never seen Logan cry before, though she remembered seeing the remnants of tears after he had returned from the fiasco with the Brotherhood when he thought he had killed Jean and even a couple years ago when they thought Jean had died at Alakli Lake.


“Thank you,” Logan whispered. He looked up at her, resting his chin against her pregnant belly. “I love you, Marie.”

Swallowing past the emotion in her throat, Marie urged Logan back on the love seat more. She knelt on either side of his thighs as her hands cupped his neck. She rested her weight on his thighs near his knees more, not yet touching his cock. She took a moment to look into his eyes, letting him see the depth of her feelings for him in her own. She brushed her lips over his, then again before taking time to kiss him. Her tongue began to explore his mouth, brushing over his as he slowly reciprocated.

When Marie’s hips shifted, she started to pull a hand away to hold him as she slid on his length, but Logan didn’t want to lose that contact with her. His hands urged her hips a little closer and one hand moved just behind her and grasped his cock between her thighs. He rubbed against her before pressing the head of his cock against her.

Marie pulled back from the kiss some, catching Logan’s lower lip between her teeth. As she stroked her tongue over the flesh, she sank further into his length. Logan groaned, shifting his hips upwards more to bury himself even deeper. He wrapped his arms around her body as much as he could, resting his forehead against hers. He began to massage her lower back, feeling the muscles beneath the skin.

She wrapped her arms around Logan’s shoulders, pressing her belly and breasts against Logan’s chest as she started to flex her hips. The massaging at her back helped ease some of the constant tension she was feeling from her pregnancy and it sent shivers along her spine. It felt so much more amazing to have Logan inside of her now, even more than the first time she felt him hard and warm within. She didn’t know if it was because it had been so long since she felt him inside of her or if it was the level of intimacy in this very moment. She felt so deeply connected to Logan, it made her eyes fill with tears.

“No tears,” Logan whispered, noticing her eyes clouded with moisture. He pressed a kiss to her cheek just below her right eye, catching a tear as it escaped. His fingers flexed on her back as she pressed down to him tighter. The entire world faded to just the two of them, their child between them, their bodies fitted together so intimately.

Logan’s control wanted to snap, the animal he often held back wanting to come out, but he held back so as not to hurt Marie. He was letting her set the pace on his lap, letting her control how deep she took him with each motion of her hips. Anything to give her pleasure as he took his, anything to keep their baby from being hurt. He also read a few of those pregnancy books, devouring them once he got back. He knew that sex was still good for a pregnant woman. In fact, it was wonderful for a pregnant woman. He knew it varied, but their hormones tended to make them want it more, but in the later stages he had read that most women didn’t feel sexy when very pregnant.

He shifted his gaze and thrust his hips upward. He felt the ripple of pleasure Marie experienced as the muscles in her back shifted, his eyes fascinated with the arch of her throat as she threw her head back with a moan. He didn’t give a damn what most women thought, he found nothing more sexy than Marie at this moment, heavily pregnant as she rode him. He let his gaze travel down, the swell of her breasts more full as her body prepared her for the baby. A small droplet of moisture was sliding a path over her throat, making its way to the valley between her breasts. He leaned forward, pressing his lips to her skin, catching it with his tongue.

Marie’s fingers slid into Logan’s hair, holding his mouth to her. She flexed her hips downward, moaning as his cock drove even deeper into her. She could feel the slow burn deep within her belly as her orgasm started to build. It was so much more to feel him inside of her instead of dreaming of it, using her fingers to bring her to orgasm. The action had paled in comparison to the real thing.

“Logan,” she sobbed softly, her fingers tightening in his hair.

“That’s it, baby,” he murmured against her skin. He lifted his head as much as her hold allowed, smiling when he felt her loosening the grip. He watched her face, her eyes half-closed and her lips parted as she took in quick breaths. He wanted so badly to drive himself as deeply as he could, but was worried he would hurt her. It took all of his control to not shove himself into her harder, especially when she would twist her hips in that special way and her pussy squeezed his cock in a grip that seemed as if she’d never release him again. He didn’t mind, but the motion was driving his senses insane.

“So close,” she murmured.

“I know,” Logan said. “Take all of me, love. I’m right here.”

Marie’s movements began to increase her movements, coming very close to bouncing on his lap. He could feel her pleasure starting to make her come apart as the thrust of her hips became erratic, unable to keep the pace normally. He groaned as she cried out, feeling her pussy clamp onto his cock, rippling along his length as she came. He was able to twist his hips and it was all it took for him to swell and he came with her as she orgasmed a second time.

Logan pulled her close, feeling her slump against him. Even with his healing factor, it still took Logan a moment to gather his wits and strength to shift Marie off of him so he could get to his feet. He gently picked her up, glancing at her face. He couldn’t help but smile as he noted she snuggled closer to him. Carrying her to the bed, Logan gently laid her down before joining her.

“I love you,” she murmured. She gaze him a lazy smile as his fingers brushed along her skin. Her eyes became a little more alert when his fingers traveled along her jaw to her neck, then her breasts. She felt slightly self-conscious now that she was coming off the high of her orgasm and realized he could see every pregnant inch of her. A flush started to form and she started to move to cover herself.

“Don’t,” Logan said softly. He gently pushed her arms away. His fingers once again found her skin, one digit brushing over the mound of her breast.

“Don’t you realize how gorgeous you are?”

Marie swallowed, shaking her head. “I’m so big...”

“You are very well-rounded,” Logan interjected. “But you are absolutely gorgeous.” He brushed his fingertip over her nipple, smiling as it tightened beneath his touch and gaze. “You have always been gorgeous, but pregnancy gives you a certain glow that suits you.”

“You are just being nice now,” Marie said. “I’m all big and protruding. Pregnancy isn’t the prettiest thing when there is nothing hiding it.”

Logan frowned, shaking his head. “No,” he said. “Love, you are gorgeous.” His finger brushed her breast again. “Your breasts are so full, ready to feed our child.” His fingers moved, sliding over the skin of her breasts and down to her stomach. His body shifted to follow the same path with his lips, pausing just a moment to let his tongue caress her nipple. He smiled as he felt her shiver before moving until his lips were pressed to the swell of her belly.

“For all my mutation can do for me, heal me, let me recover faster so I can make love to you, whatever... it doesn’t compare to this. To you swollen with life, our baby growing inside of you. Proof of what we have between us.” Logan pressed a kiss to her skin again before studying her face.

“You are giving me a gift that I never thought I would ever experience. And in my own asshole way, I’ve given you the same. Marie, I’m glad I didn’t listen to you on the roof all those months ago. I don’t know what fate smiled down on us to let you turn your mutation off for me, but it brought us to this. To our family, and we are a family.”

Marie felt emotions battering her senses again, her throat working to swallow past the sudden lump. “Oh Logan...” Her voice was full of joy and promise.

“Hold that statement,” Logan all but purred. Purred. Logan, big bad Wolverine, former cage fighter and bad ass of the X-men actually purred. If asked, he would call it a rumble, but to Marie it was a purr.

“For wh-- oh...” Her voice went from inquiry to groan as Logan parted her thighs. He had been dying to taste her for so long that he couldn’t hold off any longer. He brushed his mouth against her mound, tasting their mingled scents as he lapped at her. Laying more between her thighs, he slipped his hands beneath her backside to lift her hips upward. Gaining better access, Logan buried himself against her more, his tongue sliding into her body. He felt her thighs shift, giving him even deeper access.

“Oh Logan...” This time her voice was full of lust and need, her hips lifting to his mouth more as she demanded more of his attentions. Happy to oblige, Logan focused on kissing her pussy, slipping his tongue in and out of her before drawing her clit between his lips to suckle. Already sensitive from their lovemaking on the love seat, Logan felt her control snap as he pushed his tongue into her again. How he loved feeling her clamp down on him like this. He lapped at her, tasting her juices as she came down from her orgasm. Moving back up her body, he pressed a soft kiss to her lips, spooning his body against hers.

“You do know how to wring every bit out of me,” Marie managed to say.

Logan grinned, pressing kisses along her shoulder. “Not done yet.” He held her close, flexing his hips as he slid into her from behind. He had her in his bed now, there was no way he was letting her leave ever again.
Tags: fandom: x-men, pairing: logan/marie

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