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[X-MEN FIC] Only His Touch-Logan/Marie- NC-17- Part 7

Title: Only His Touch
Author: Jourdana Standish/queenmidalah
Artist: aphrodite_mine
Verse: AU after the events of X3
Word Count: 16,236
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Wolverine/Rogue
Warnings Explicit sexual content
Summary: Marie was adjusting just fine after she decided not to take the cure after all. Life began to move on, even when Xavier, Jean and Scott were discovered to be alive. Logan still stuck around, helping out at the school and with the X-Men. A freak accident during a mission should have been the death of either of them; Logan from her mutation, or Marie from falling to her death. Fate intervened and both survived. Now, Logan is the only person, mutant or not, who can touch Marie without any issues. But it does cause some issues. Marie is still in love with Logan. Tired of her avoidance, Logan forces her to face him and it leads to a night of passion. Now Logan has left, and Marie finds herself facing something she never thought would happen. She's having Logan's child.


Marie woke up, frowning as she let her eyes adjusted. She couldn’t figure out what woke her up, but something felt off. It wasn’t Logan missing since she could still feel the heat from his body as he slept beside her and his arm weighed her down. She tried to get her mind to clear when pain in her abdomen immediately snapped her awake. It wasn’t sharp pain, more like the cramps she had felt during her monthly cycle, only these were more intense. Her eyes widened.

*No... it’s too soon...*

Marie lay still, counting how long the contraction lasted. She let out a breath as it eased. Perhaps it were merely false labor as she’d heard about before, but a minute later another hit her. She held her belly, counting again. She didn’t want to have to wake Logan if it was nothing. She tried shifting out from under his arm when she felt as if something released and then wetness under her.

*Oh God...*

“Marie?” She thought she had only thought the worry, but she had spoken aloud and now Logan was rousing from slumber.

“I... I think I’m in labor,” Marie said, sounding frightened.

Logan was instantly awake and out of bed, coming around to her side. “What? Isn’t it too soon?”

“About two and a half weeks too early,” Marie said. “Not dangerous, but I don’t know if I’m...” She paused as another contraction hit. “We need to get Hank and Jean.”

“We need to get you dressed and down to the med bay, then worry about Hank and Jean,” Logan said. He was surprisingly calm, at least outwardly. As he gathered clothes for both of them, dressing quickly before helping Marie back into her sundress, he was a mess inside. He was worried about Marie but also excited because he was going to be a father. Then again...

“It’s not false labor, is it?”

“My water broke,” Marie said, glancing to the bed. Logan looked as well and knew this was the real thing. Using what little ability he could after having Charles in his head a few times, he focused on the older man.

*Logan?* His mental voice sounded sleepy and knew that he had been asleep. Weren’t all of them? It was the middle of the night.

*Marie’s water broke. I’m taking her to the med bay,* Logan said.

*I’ll collect Jean and Hank. We’ll meet you down there.* Logan needed no further encouragement.


“You are doing wonderfully, Marie,” Hank said as he touched her leg with his gloved hand. “You are going to need to start pushing soon.”

“I don’t know if I can,” Marie said, leaning back against Logan. Apparently Logan and Marie’s child took after them when it came to stubborness because no sooner had Logan gotten Marie to the med bay, her contractions had eased some. Hank and Jean had insisted she remain because of her water breaking and the fact that the contracts would return and increase. That had been over twelve hours ago. Marie was finally dilated enough to begin the birth, the contractions having returned and increased. Logan was worried she wouldn’t be able to get through the rest of the labor, exhaustion having overcome her senses. He hadn’t left her since labor had started.

“You can,” Jean said, standing beside Hank. “You have to meet your baby.”

“I...” Marie swallowed.

“You can do it, love,” Logan said quietly against her ear. Marie glanced over her shoulder at him. Logan pressed a kiss to the bridge of her nose. “I’m right here, I’m not leaving. Squeeze my hands and push.”

“It’s time to push, Marie,” Hank said. Marie looked at Logan again. He gave her a soft smile and adjusted his hands so she could grip them easier. With that reassurance, Marie looked down at Hank and Jean. Gripping Logan’s hands tightly, Marie began to push.

Logan wasn’t sure if the minutes crept along at a snail’s pace or if they raced forward all at once; all he knew was he was experiencing the most important thing in his life. The moment that his child with Marie was born and he heard the first wail of life, time stopped all together. He didn’t care that the birth wasn’t as glamorous as they made it out in the movies or that the baby wasn’t as clean as they made them out to be. All he knew was that it was the most beautiful thing in the world.

“It’s a girl,” Jean’s voice broke through the bubble that had seemed to form around him.

“A girl?” Marie said, sobbing a laugh as every emotion possible washed over her. Logan wanted to take his little girl from Jean and put her in Marie’s arms, but waited patiently as Hank and Jean did their jobs to make sure she was okay. With Hank’s help, he cut the umbilical chord, severing that unique link between mother and child. He was glad that Hank had helped, his hands shaking too much otherwise.

“Logan,” Marie said softly. “Promise me that if my mutation... you’ll...”

“I will.” They hadn’t had a chance to discuss anything, but Logan immediately knew that Marie would want him to take their daughter out of her arms if her mutation began to affect the baby.

“Here is your daughter,” Hank finally said, having taken the baby from Jean after she swaddled the little girl. He placed her into Marie’s arms carefully. With baited breath, Jean and Hank watched as Marie’s bare skin came into contact with her daughter’s.

Nothing happened.

Marie choked back a relieved sob, brushing her finger over her daughter’s fist. She looked up at Logan, her eyes bright with so many emotions; emotions that matched those in his eyes. He put his arms around the loves of his life, resting his chin on Marie’s shoulder as he looked at their daughter. He moved a hand to brush over her fist and the little girl immediately curled her hand around his finger. Logan knew, immediately, he was lost to her forever.

Marie was too filled with happiness to register the touch on her leg at first. Then she realized someone was touching her bare knee with their bare hand. Panic started to fill her, but she didn’t feel that familiar pull. With wide eyes, she stared at Charles as he smiled softly, his hand on her knee.

“Professor...” Jean said, taking note as well.

“How?” Hank asked, mistified.

Logan came out of his trance, glancing at what everyone was befuddled over. He frowned, tipping his head at Charles.

“Marie has control of her mutation,” Charles said. “Once she is up to it, perhaps we can determine why, but for now...” He wheeled closer to Logan, seeing the baby’s profile. “Congratulations. She’s beautiful.”

“Thank you,” Marie said, smiling through the tears on her cheeks. She looked up at Logan, giving him two of the most beautiful things possible. Her smile and their daughter.


Marie opened her eyes, immediately lifting her head. It took her a moment to readjust to the waking world and for the briefest moment, she almost thought the last few months had been nothing but a dream. It was just as if she had woken up after that night with Logan to find him gone. The sudden ache that filled her chest lifted when she heard murmurings from the other room.

Rising from the bed, she padded on bare feet to the door that led into the nursery. She leaned against the doorframe, unable to stop the smile that formed as she watched Logan with their daughter. Ever since Hope Marie had been born, Logan had been right there along with Marie when it came to anything with the baby. It still amazed her to see him holding their small daughter in his arms.

“Staring again,” Logan rumbled, his eyes never leaving the bundle in his arms.

Marie pushed off the doorframe and walked over to him. She ran her fingers through his hair as she looked down at their daughter. “I can stare,” she finally said. “Seeing her in your arms is a beautiful sight.”

Logan pulled his gaze from his little girl to look at the woman he loved. “Not as beautiful as when you are holding her, nursing her.”

Marie smiled down at him. “Who knew you’d enjoy watching that.”

“Well, I am a breast man.”

Nudging him with her hip, she leaned down to take their daughter from him. She straightened and turned to take the baby to her crib. She heard Logan get up from the slider chair before she felt his hand against her back as she laid the baby down. She rubbed her back when she shifted and made soft noises in her sleep.

“Bed, love,” Logan said, pressing a kiss to Marie’s neck just below the ear. He brushed his fingers along his daughter’s cheek as they turned to leave the nursery. Once they were laying down again, Logan listened to Marie’s breathing while it evened out as she fell back to sleep. How he loved laying here, listening to her breathe, knowing she was there with him. Knowing their daughter was in the nursery just a room away. As Logan allowed himself to succumb to his slumber did he realize that since he returned to be with Marie, and subsequently Hope, he hadn’t had a single nightmare about the past he couldn’t fully remember. It no longer fully mattered when he had so much to look towards for the future.
Tags: fandom: x-men, pairing: logan/marie

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