Queen Midalah of Nebula (queenmidalah) wrote,
Queen Midalah of Nebula

[X-MEN FIC MASTER POST] Only His Touch- Logan/Marie- NC-17

Title: Only His Touch
Author: Jourdana Standish/queenmidalah
Artist: aphrodite_mine
Verse: AU after the events of X3
Word Count: 16,236
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Wolverine/Rogue
Warnings Explicit sexual content
Summary: Marie was adjusting just fine after she decided not to take the cure after all. Life began to move on, even when Xavier, Jean and Scott were discovered to be alive. Logan still stuck around, helping out at the school and with the X-Men. A freak accident during a mission should have been the death of either of them; Logan from her mutation, or Marie from falling to her death. Fate intervened and both survived. Now, Logan is the only person, mutant or not, who can touch Marie without any issues. But it does cause some issues. Marie is still in love with Logan. Tired of her avoidance, Logan forces her to face him and it leads to a night of passion. Now Logan has left, and Marie finds herself facing something she never thought would happen. She's having Logan's child.

Link to Fic Chapters: PART 1 :: PART 2 :: PART 3 :: PART 4 :: PART 5 :: PART 6 :: PART 7
Link to Archive of Our Own: Only His Touch
Link to art master post: Fanmix done by aphrodite_mine :: Cover image done by queenmidalah

Author's Notes: This story was written for the xmenbigbang.

I would just like to think masteralida for encouraging me and pushing me along when I didn't think I was going to complete this and then taking on the challenge of being my beta. ♥

Much love to aphrodite_mine for the wonderful fanmix that she created for my art to accompany the story.

To all of the other authors and artists who participated, it was a blast!
Tags: fandom: x-men, pairing: logan/marie

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