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Title: Warlord of Glacia
Author: Jourdana Standish/queenmidalah
Fandom: Black Jewels
Pairing(s): Morton/Wilhelmina Benedict
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Mentions of violence; language
Word Count: 16,241
Summary: A tangled web is changed when a certain Warlord takes matters into his own hands; he finds himself fighting for his life instead of embracing death. He also finds love, but could lose it by a few careless words.


The day of her wedding had arrived and Wilhelmina was shaking like a leaf. She had no doubts that Morton would be waiting for her by the Priestess, nor that their family and friends would be sitting amongst those to witness. The entirety of the former Dark Court, all the kindred that saw them as family, many of the Eyriens, and those considered family were all in attendance waiting for this day.

Yet Wilhelmina was shaking. So much that she didn’t hear the knock on the bridal suite door, nor that door opening. She was too busy focusing on trying to hook the necklace behind her neck. It was no surprise that she yelped and jumped as Lucivar spoke behind her. She dropped the necklace. The only thing that kept the necklace from falling and shattering on the marble beneath her feet was Lucivar’s quick reflexes with Craft.

"Need some help?" he asked as he pulled the necklace to him.

"Thank you," she said, her voice wobbly. She turned so her back was to the Eyrien, pulling her hair out of the way so he could hook the necklace.

"I didn’t mean to startle you," Lucivar said. He looked at their reflections.

"It’s... it’s okay," Wilhelmina said. "A bit jumpy. Not sure why."

"Pre-wedding jitters," Lucivar said. "I had them, so did Marian. I bet if you ask Morghann, Khary, Chaosti, Gabrielle, Aaron, and Kalush, they would admit to having them too."

Wilhelmina nodded. She smoothed a hand down the front of her wedding gown before lifting her head to look at their reflections. "Why are you here?"

"I uh... I came to make amends," Lucivar said.

"I don’t..." Wilhelmina tried to turn but Lucivar caught her slender shoulders, stilling her movement.

"Please," Lucivar said. "Wilhelmina... I was wrong. I never should have let things get to a point where you thought I only saw you as a means to get to Jaenelle. You are right, I did at one time, but after you started settling in and after you were almost killed by the machinations of your own grandmother... I knew you were more than simply Jaenelle’s sister. You became mine too. Only I was remiss in not telling you that."

"You don’t have to s--," Wilhelmina said.

"Yes, I do," Lucivar interrupted. "I need to say this, because it’s the truth. I’m stubborn. I have no refinement, no polishing, but that doesn’t give me the right to have overlooked something so important. I’m sorry."

"I... thank you," Wilhelmina said, tears forming.

"You’re welcome," Lucivar said. "Father said you were going to walk by yourself up the aisle."

She nodded. "It’s going to be too hard, as it is, for him to simply watch. I didn’t want to burden him--."

"He wouldn’t have seen it as a burden," Lucivar interjected.

"Still. He shouldn’t drain his strength. It won’t be quite sundown enough for it not to have an effect," she said. "So I will..."

"Be escorted by me," Lucivar finished.

"What?" Wilhelmina said.

"I’ll give you away," Lucivar said. "Wilhelmina, you are family. I was wrong to not show you enough now, but let me do this. It’ll be one way for me to prove what I say. Morton’s a good man and deserves your love as much as you deserve his. Please let me be the one to escort you to there?"

Wilhelmina’s eyes filled with tears. She gave Lucivar’s reflection a shaky smile. "I’d like that. Brother."


When Aaron, Chaosti, and Khardeen had gotten married, Morton had known they were nervous. He’d asked them afterwards how they had gotten over it. Each man had described what they felt slightly differently, but all agreed that the moment they saw their brides, a sense of calm washed over them so completely that nothing else mattered but her as she walked towards them.

At the time, he had thought they were simply saying that. However, now he stood on his own wedding day, his entire body vibrating with nervous energy. The shift in music changed, indicating the ceremony was about to start. Morghann, heavily pregnant with her child, Gabrielle, and Kalush had agreed to stand with Wilhelmina while their husbands stood with Morton. He started to think, even more, that Khardeen, Aaron, and Chaosti had been wrong about what they felt.

Until Wilhelmina came into view on Lucivar’s arm. Suddenly that calm they spoke of engulfed his entire being. The music, voices, even the faces faded out of Morton’s world. The only thing he could focus on was the woman he was to marry, gorgeous as ever in a lovely cream colored gown with a veil covering her dark hair and flowing down her back. A bouquet of lily of the valley was clutched in her hand, her fingers flexing occasionally against the crook of Lucivar’s elbow until he covered her fingers with his own and giving them a gentle pat. As her head lifted, that calm settled Morton even further as their eyes met. The same must have happened to her, because he saw any signs of edginess she had shown melt from her body. A soft, gentle smile curved the corners of her lips as she gazed at him.

It was the most wonderful thing in the world.

Morton was barely aware of anything, his fingers slipping around Wilhelmina’s as she took her place beside him. They were barely aware of hearing Lucivar state he was giving her away. They barely heard the Priestess speaking about love and the commitment they were to have to one another. They listened just long enough to recite their vows and promise to treasure one another forever. They focused away from one another’s faces long enough to focus on slipping the plain gold bands onto their respective fingers. They were only just aware of the Priestess proclaiming them husband and wife before they came together.

As they came together, nothing mattered anymore. They didn’t need to listen even a little, nor did they have to focus on anything but one another. As Morton’s lips claimed that of his wife’s, he let himself get lost in her just as he sent a prayer of thanks to the Darkness for allowing him the chance to know this moment.

One small moment, a single bit of knowledge that could have broken him or made him came from one small request by the Warlord of Glacia.

That request had given him everything in the end.


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